retro range

If you are looking for the very best in office seating then look no further - This is it!

The Deluxe range utilises all the best ergonomic principles together with the expertise of teaching osteopath Stephen Green to produce a chair that is simply outstanding in its support, comfort and style. Its unique feature is the triangulation of support to the pelvis and lumbar spine. Different sized seat/backs are available to ensure it fits you like a glove. The full forward-tilt enables you to minimise pressure on the pelvis and maximise back support whilst at the desk or computer. Available with memory foam seat and coccyx cut-out. It's simply our best ever office chair - a must for back-pain sufferers. Once you sit in it you'll know why. It's the chair you've always been looking for. We can bring you one to try - call 01494 793129

thoracic lumbar triangulation