Chiltern Office Chairs is part of Chiltern Care Chairs which has been trading in Chesham for over twenty years. The focus of the business has been to present a wide selection of chairs designed to maximise support and minimise strain. We are increasingly finding that not only people with back problems but also people looking to avoid back problems in the future are coming to us to find ways of improving their seating habits. To that end we try to keep in stock a very wide selection of chairs in different sizes, styles, actions etc that should help you to find what works for you. The choice of Office Chairs is no exception. We have chairs to suite all budgets, all sizes and all styles.

Most people come to us at our Chesham showroom where they are presented with a full range of seating options. If you ring to make an appointment we can reserve you a space in our car park to make your visit as stress free as possible. Alternatively, we are a happy to bring a selection of chairs to you to try at home or in the office if you prefer. We will talk to you on the telephone to establish which types of chair may be appropriate and then bring three or four out to you to try.

If you would like to know more about us, or would like to talk to us about any of the chairs on the website please call us on 01494 793129 or email us at sales@chiltern care chairs.co.uk